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North Korea

North Korea

Regulations on the Items Taken into and out of North Korea

Audio/video, books, USB device or CD-ROM products are prohibited. Visitors will be checked for laptop, camera, video, camera, USB device, CD-ROM, among others. Foreign currencies and mobile phones must be declared.

After arriving in North Korea, visitors could be subjected to health status check, when appropriate. Visitors from regions with typhoid fever, cholera, measles and other infectious diseases are required to produce proof of vaccination of infectious diseases.


According to the bilateral agreement between China and North Korea, holders of PRC's diplomatic passport and public affairs passport can enter North Korea without a visa, but must be invited by an organization of North Korea.

Holders of ordinary passport for private affairs must apply for a visa outside North Korea. North Korea's organs outside North Korea that can issue visas include North Korea's diplomatic and consular representative offices. North Korea's diplomatic and consular representative offices in China include North Korean embassy in China, Consulate General in Shenyang, Consulate General Consular Office in Dandong, and Consulate General in Hong Kong, China. The organ within North Korea responsible for foreigners'entry and exit administration and visa issuance and extension is the Entry and Exit Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of National Security of North Korea.

According to North Korea's visa regulations, visitors must enter or exit North Korea within the validity period of the visa, and overstaying the validity period of visa is not allowed. For details, please contact North Korea's embassy or consulates in China.


North Korea's major festivals include New Year's Day, Spring Festival, February 16 Festival, April 15 Festival, May 1 International Labor Day, September 9th National Day, October 10th Party Foundation Day.

At North Korea's tourist attractions open to the outside world, visitors are allowed to take pictures. For details, you can ask your local tour guide or the persons that accompany you.

Embassy and Consulates of North Korea in China

Embassy of North Korea in China

Add: 11 Ritan North Road, Jianguomenwai, Beijing

Tel: +86-10-65321186(duty),+86-10-65325518 ( Economic and Commercial Office),+86-10-65326639(Consular Office)

Consulate General of North Korea in Shenyang

Add: 109 Sijing Street, Heping District, Shenyang

Tel: +86-24-23240008/23240009

Consular regions: Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang

Dandong Consular Office, Consulate General of North Korea in Shenyang

Add: Room 2101, Building A, Jiadi Plaza, Zhenxing District, Dandong, Liaoning

Tel: +86-415-3450099

Consular Region: Dandong

Consulate General of North Korea in Hong Kong, China

Add: Room 3502, F35, China Resources Building, 26 Harbor Road, Wanchai

Tel: +852-28034447

Voltage and Plugs

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* The above information is for reference only. For more, contact the embassy.

* For more information on visa, head to the Star Alliance website.