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Pregnant Passengers

Pregnant Passengers

During the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant passengers should be mindful of the lower oxygen content in the air at high altitudes and should avoid lifting heavy objects. We recommend consulting a doctor before planning any trip. During their flight, pregnant passengers should fasten their seatbelt across their upper thighs.

Pregnant passengers face a certain degree of risk when flying. Should a pregnant passenger be eligible for travel, they may still be required to sign certain documents such as the Risk Notification Form. We appreciate passenger cooperation in such matters.

Pregnant passengers who have not yet reached the 32-week mark of their pregnancies are treated as regular passengers, other than in cases where a doctor has indicated that the passenger is not fit for travel. To ensure the safety of pregnant passengers during travel, passengers who are more than 32 weeks pregnant but less than 35 weeks pregnant must provide a true and valid medical certificate indicating the duration of pregnancy in order to check in. This certificate must be issued by an obstetrician or medical institution at or above the county level. Certificates should be issued within 30 days of the scheduled flight departure and will be checked by Air China staff during check-in.

For safety reasons, Air China cannot accept pregnant passengers who fall into one of the categories listed below. We recommend that you opt for an alternative method of transport in such cases.

(1) Passengers who are more than 35 weeks pregnant.

(2) Passengers who are due to give birth within 4 weeks.

(3) Passengers due to give birth soon but have no specific due date, and those carrying multiple babies or expecting to have complications during birth.

(4) Passengers who have given birth within 7 days prior to the scheduled flight departure.